Response to Talking to Last Guest Speaker 

I thought the last guest speaker we talked to last week was very interesting and seemed like she had a lot of cool experiences working with different television networks. It was cool to get to talk to someone first hand about what it is like to work that specific job. She was nice and easy going, and shared a lot of insight.

I thought it was cool how she worked with Cartoon Network. She talked about how they have to sensor many things because a lot of kids watch the program. That is why they created Adult Swim so the adults can watch at night once the children are asleep. This makes sense because children’s networks have to be sensored so parents do not get mad when their children might see appropriate things. When working for a children’s network it is important to keep things appropriate so the children do not pick up on bad things and the parents do not get angry with the network.

Another cool thing that she did was work with Oprah’s network for the Oprah Show. It was cool because she got to work with a live broadcast as well. She has numerous insight about working for different types of broadcasts. It was cool that she has different experiences working with different places because she had a lot of knowledge to share with the class.

All in all, I enjoyed getting the chance to speak with her, and she is a very insightful person. She is a very inspirational person and I am happy that I got the chance to talk to her. 


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