Response to Talking to Shane Gustafson

I enjoyed we had the chance to get to learn about what it is like being on news broadcasts. He gave the class a lot more insight about his job. If someone in the class is interested in going into the profession they will have a better understanding on what the job would entail. Even though I do not plan on getting into broadcasting it helped me to get a backgrounds idea how new stories are incorporated into the news. 

He gave a lot of interesting advice. It was cool to see that he recently graduated, and has a steady job. It is good to see that he is succeeding. He seems to really enjoy his job, and is really enthusiastic. That is what finding a job is all about. It is important to find something that makes going to work seem worthwhile. That is how true happiness is.

I enjoyed what he had to say, and he gave really good advice. He gave good advice on how to write the stories, and how to broadcast. Shane told the class on how it could be challenging at times, but that comes with anything in life. That is what makes getting new places worth it. 

All in all, I got a lot out of the conversation with him. It really opened my eyes on broadcasting, and it was cool to learn a little bit of what happens behind the scenes. It is important to stay unique because that is what makes people coming back. 


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