Response to Talking with Rita Beamish

I got great things out of getting the chance to speak with Rita Beamish, an experienced journalist. It was nice to get to talk with someone who has been working in the field for a long time.

It was interesting how she has worked in different places. I’m sure she got a lot working in Washington D.C. covering different things with the presidents for many years. 

I can tell that she loves being a journalist. She is very enthusiastic and offers a great deal of insight. I like to talk to people who love what they do. I can tell she went down the right path with her career choice. She went into something she is passionate about, and that is what it is all about.

She enjoys to write about things that are going on so the outside world can get an idea. She is one of the people who help people stay in the know about what is happening day to day.

There was a little biased about what Donald Trump said about the media. President Trump has been saying nasty things about the media, and I could understand how that can get offensive. 

Ofcourse, there would be some bias towards that. Not everyone who works in the media are cruel people. President Trump should think before he says something because he offends people. It is always important to think before one speaks.

It is important to try to stay as unbiased as possible when being a journalist. When people are reading stuff from the media they want to read about what is happening not opinions. When we write something showing some feelings. I believe, that is inevitable.

I think it is a goal to be as honest as possible without throwing in opinions because then it makes reading the article more credible. It is a journalists job to say nothing but the truth. 

That is why it is important to follow all of the rules so people respect the writer, and to make them want to read more from the author.

All in all, I enjoyed getting the chance to get to speak with Rita and get more insight on Journalism.


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