In the movie, “Absence of Notice” Meg breaks a couple of the rules in the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. She doesn’t avoid undercover work to gather information. Meg does not realize that private people have a greater right to control information about themselves. 

Throughout the movie she is going undercover to find out what she can so she can write the story. One example being that when they meet each other on the source’s boat she is wearing a wire. 

Another example is that she shows up at his workplace uninvited. 
Wearing a wire when someone is being interviewed is wrong. It is an invasion of his or her privacy. It is unfair to the other person because they think they are just talking to that particular person, but an outside source is listening. 

It is rude to show up uninvited anywhere because that is just borderline stalker. No matter how desperate one might be for a story they should set up meetings with the source. They should at least get a say about their side of the story. 

It is always always important to realize that each person has a right to control information about themselves. Especially when it comes to the public eye. There are consequences that come along with spreading information about someone.

When someone is writing about someone they should go to the person before publishing the information. It is unfair to write about someone without his or her consent. Also, some of the information might be wrong, and might change people’s opinions about them. 

It is important to always keep that in mind. Spreading false information is disrespectful, and the person’s feelings should be considered. Spreading false information can ruin relationships and careers. Play it safe confirm with the source to sound accurate and credible to the readers. This will help maintain respect. 

These are just two examples on the importance of following the Code of Ethics when it comes to releasing a story to the public eye. If both of these codes are broken it is disrespectful. It makes the writer look inaccurate. It can be a violation of privacy. Always seek the sources. Following these two codes will help a journalist stay respectful and relevant. 



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